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Video Marketing Tips for Business

Here's some tips for companies looking to move into the video marketing world. First things first, everyone worries about their budget. Money is tight as always. Every company is attempting to marketing more with less cash. However, you don't have to spend your yearly budget to hire a video production team. If you can, only invest in one video agency. A creative and experienced videographer can shoot and edit all of your footage and produce at least one corporate video for about £700. Quality is important, but so is creativity. Your audience will be more impressed by your smart, funny and helpful videos than whether the lighting is just right.

For most companies, there's no shortage of potential video content. Think about your audience and what message you want to portray. A good first video is an overview about what you do and who you are. Then you'll want to create videos for every step of the marketing campaign. Fun videos can bring key branding points to life. Videos can quickly demonstrate your products to audiences and build trust.

Interviews with customers can inspire audiences and build trust.

And as buyers engage with the sales team, personal videos by them can add a human element in an otherwise digital selling process.

Product explanations are vital, but they don't always make the most interesting viewing. Interview members of the team to put a human face to the company. Involve customers by filming testimonials. Let your clients talk about your business and why they work with you.

As any videographer will tell you, editing is one of the key steps. All that content is great. Viewers have short attention spans so you have to keep it dynamic and concise. As you build your library, you''ll start to see where the demand is.

If your viewer has watched video, don't just leave them with a blank screen. Provide a call to action with contact details. Also, think about recommending a related video. Add calls to action within the video.

Most companies simply add their videos on to YouTube or your own website. The best strategy is to do both. Don't forget to include Facebook, too, now that it's enhanced its video capabilities. YouTube is vital as it performs well in Google search results. And, it's free. Remember though, YouTube can refer your viewer to unrelated or, even, a competitors content. So be aware. Consider using a dedicated and secure hub for videos on your own website. You keep control and can measure viewership.

Analysing performance is important in measuring whether your videos are successful. The number of views is informative but that won't lead to more leads and deals. Collate data on how your videos are watched and how viewers engage with them. Watch out for the duration of views, repeat views and drop-off rates. Track those stats down to the individual viewer. Your sales team can use this to pursue a lead who has watched three videos rather than one who turned one off after 10 seconds

A decade ago, marketers were fearful of using videos because of cost. Today, nearly every company in the world dedicates resources to online video marketing. The disadvantages to your company are minimal compared to the rewards. If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you then check out us out.