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Looking for a video marketing agency that can design, develop and implement complete digital marketing campaigns for companies and brands? Whether you want to bolster your approach to social media or create an online digital marketing strategy from scratch, our content marketing services can help. Our video marketing services can boost online sales and help get your message across to wider audience. As a video content agency, we create high-quality video campaigns that fit any budget. Our content marketing is designed to suit your company's needs, goals and targets. Whether it is through our corporate video company or animation studio, we develop social media content that targets the demographics that matter to you. We take your brief from storyboard to the completion taking care of all aspects to create an impactful video marketing campaign.

Video Marketing Agency

Video Marketing

Use video content to showcase your services or products and increase brand awareness to a global audience.
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Let us guide you through how to get the biggest audience for your video content using social media and other platforms.
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Video Agency

Not sure where to start? Our expertise as a video agency is second to none. We can plan and execute your video content.

How a Video Content Agency can help your brand grow

With approximately 42% of the population using social media, ignoring it as part of your digital marketing is madness. Social media marketing uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to reach new clients. Whether your goal is to grow brand awareness or to increase sales, there is a place in the social media arena for you. Social media is one of the fastest growing cultural markets and is the first place people go when sharing content and sourcing news. Video content on social media is thriving. It is expected to make up over 90% of all online content in the next decade. The importance can’t be underestimated. Your digital marketing strategy is the key to success for your business, so it needs to be targeted to cope with whatever life throws at it! First impression is everything. We believe successful advertising is always about creating exciting and engaging concepts. We can create ideas that will excite you.

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A successful video encompasses so many different elements, from photo stills with voiceover to a full-blown film production. Done effectively, video can be the best way to get a message across, powerfully, engagingly and succinctly.

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We take care of everything; the ideas, the creative, production, camera work, editing, sound, audio and animation. We've filmed most everything from adverts, corporate promotional videos, product videos, interviews and trade shows.

Corporate Video Company

We produce a variety of marketing campaigns from corporate branding awareness, public information films for Local Authorities, Government and Large Corporates to health and safety, client testimonial and overview marketing videos.

What is Video Marketing?

In the UK, video has moved from a secondary marketing tool to an essential ingredient. Companies and brands need a online marketing strategy and this isn't a new concept. However, the importance of video has changed and can be found on every online platform and media network. Online marketing is now part of a business's overall business plan. More than ever, a video plays a vital role in your campaign plans. It is here and here to stay. Facebook predicts that their site will almost be all digital content in less than five years. And while focusing on SEO optimizing for Google is a still important, potential customers and clients are you using video channels like YouTube to find suppliers and services so you’re missing out if you’re not using video already.

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A video agency that works for you

We aim to deliver creative digital media that strikes the perfect balance between engaging your audience and driving your business message home. Our mix of brand awareness, filming skills, technical knowledge and experienced talent, helps us deliver a marketing service that you can rely on again and again. If you would like information on advertising on TV then contact us and we will be happy to discuss all the aspects of broadcast advertising.

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The Video Agency Beast

The video production industry is a beast that continues to change. The impact of the video agency on marketing is shifting and advertising agencies strive to deal with the demands of this ever-changing world of business. The economic slowdown has put pressures on advertisers to reduce costs. But cost reductions are only part of the story. The industry is changing in creative and production.

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