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Explainer Video Animation Agency

Video content to help you promote your business.

We create dynamic explainer video productions for your business, products or service.

Our animation studio produces 2D explainer videos and 3D animations for a wide range of businesses, industries and sectors. We are one of the leading explainer video agencies in the UK and we work with some of the biggest clients throughout the World. Animation videos have become one of the most popular styles of promotional videos for companies because they simply explain a company's services or products in a visually engagaing and exciting way. Our  in-house animators always ensure your explainer video production fits your requirments and we will continue to refine your animation video until it is perfect for you.

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What we do
Making an Explainer Animation.
We design stunning 2D and 3D animated films for any platform from internet streaming video to immersive VR and 3D animation. We use the latest software techniques to create work that brings to life what you are trying to convey. We are passionate about every last detail and this is demonstrated in our work.

Explainer Video Production

An explainer video, a small animated video explaining complex business concepts and products/services to others, is an explanation video. It simplifies complex theories and makes them easy to understand. Explainer videos are a way for organizations to communicate the message they want to get across. Explainer videos can also be helpful if you want to increase your retention rate by clarifying unfamiliar ideas. Explainer videos are a great way to increase retention by clarifying unfamiliar ideas.

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Competitive Pricing

We offer the best value in the market for our animations. Our prices are competitive but the quality of our work is never compromised.
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Fast Turnaround

Before we start, we provide a specific date for the delivery of each stage of your video including amendments. This allows you to plan around our work.
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Complete Service

We’ll continue to make changes at each stage until you’re 100% happy. This means you’ll get the video you want at the end of the process.

Types of Explainer Videos

An Explainer Video can vary from a basic text and numbers animation all the way up to a sophisticated 2D explainer video. You can also combine live action video with animation and text. An explainer animation goes where basic words and even live action video can’t. Motion graphic animation videos communicate with customers on a different level so that your messages are memorable and exciting. Research suggests that people digest more information, so your message stays with them longer. We offer a range and styles of animated explainer videos, whiteboard, infographics and motion graphic videos.

Product Explainer

Deliver detailed information about a product such as software. It will include specific functions and features. A 'how to guide' for customers and insight to potential purchasers.

Service Explainer

Demonstrate your attention to customer service by letting people know what to expect from their first appointment or visit to your organisation. Ideal for easing people’s minds.

App Explainer Video

Show your customers how to sign up, get started or use the functions on your product. App explainer videos are a great instructional tool and created with live action and graphics.

Whiteboard Video

Basic 2D animations that typically show a hand drawing and sketching on a blank canvas. They can be made with sophisticated online software tools or using live action.


  • An explainer video is a video that uses animation to explain a product, service, or concept. It's a great way to communicate ideas or services in an eye catching format.
  • An effective explainer video is easily watched and engaging. It comunicates ideas in easily understandable parts. It uses animation to explain a business and includes a call to action. It's customised and ensures audience's remain engaged.
  • Yes. We create content for brands worldwide. We can supply international voice overs and subtitles.
  • After you've paid for the video, you will own the rights to the finished video.
  • The basic steps of the creation is scripting, storyboarding, production, and editing. All of which South West Film will do for you! We determine your target audience. Define your key message. Develop a script and create a storyboard. Decide on the video stylethen record the voiceover. Add music and sound effects. Edit your video and publish and promote it.

3D Models and CAD

No matter the size of your project, we offer 3D animation and modelling to meet any requirement. Our creative team deliver 3D model and CAD projects to you just like the way you want. We provide a collaborative environment and client-centric service for all your 3D animation needs.

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