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Our post production studios in Bristol and Birmingham offers a range of services including online and offline video editing, motion graphics, colour grading, vfx and digital compositing. We work with broadcast and featue film studios to create digital visual effects. Our clients include high profile corporate companies and TV broadcast companies such as Sky TV and Channel 4. We offer a full high definition online and offline editing services and we only use the latest post production editing software so this offers flexibility to clients who wish to utilise these powerful tools.

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Colour Grading

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Audio Correction

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Post Production Services

Our post production services will turn your video into a masterpiece. We offer a range of in-house post production facilities for broadcast and commercial use. Colour grading is one of the most demanding creative and technical processes in post production and we have both the talent and equipment to deliver.

Colour Grading

Colour grading your video gives it a professional and enriched look and feel, pulling out the colours to make each shot really stand out.

Audio Correction

Sound quality can make or break a video so we ensure the sound quality will be broadcast standard during the post production process.


From 3D models to matte extensions. We have an extensive range of skills and experience in the animation including 3D, 2D animation.

Make your content shine

We think that when it comes to putting your budget on screen, there is little in the entire production process to compare with the value offered by your colourist. Colour grading can make your videos shine. We also provide post production services for commercials, documentaries, short films and feature films. We provide motion graphics and facilitate both stop frame animation and live action footage.

Visual Effects Studio

3D Models and CAD

No matter the size of your project, we offer 3D designs and modelling to meet any requirement. Our creative team deliver 3D models projects to you just like the way you want. We provide a collaborative environment and client-centric service for all your 3D design needs.

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3D Design

CAD design

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