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Crowdfunding Video Production

Crowdfunding Video Campaigns

If you're starting a new crowdfunding project and looking to raise funds or investment, we can help you hit your target with our crowdfunding video production. The key to a winning crowdfunding campaign is a dynamic video that communicates your aims, explains the benefits and ultimatley entices investors to fund you.

We are experienced in producing crowdfunding video campaigns and have helped companies reach their goals. Most crowdfunding experts agree that a pitch video is the single most important factor of your crowdfunding campaign. If you get the video right then you are on the road to crowdfunding success. However, if you get it wrong and your campaign may even started. Creating a video that is going to find investors and deliver your message should be your main priority. So if you're considering starting a crowdfunding campaign and require an awesome video then contact us today to discuss your campaign.

  • Increased Funding: Crowdfunding videos can help increase funding for a project or venture by showcasing its potential impact and the need for support. A well-made video can inspire potential backers to contribute to the campaign and help reach the funding goal.

  • Emotional Connection: Crowdfunding videos can create an emotional connection with potential backers by sharing personal stories, challenges, and motivations behind the project or venture. When viewers understand the passion and commitment behind the campaign, they may feel more connected and motivated to support the cause.

  • Shareability: Crowdfunding videos have the potential to be highly shareable on social media, which can help increase the reach and impact of the campaign. When backers share the video with their networks, it can lead to more visibility and support for the project or venture.

  • Feedback and Validation: Crowdfunding videos can be a way to get feedback and validation from potential backers early on in the campaign. By sharing the video with a target audience, creators can gauge interest, gather feedback, and make changes to the campaign before it goes live.

  • Cost-Effective: Crowdfunding videos can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and raise funds for a project or venture. With the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms, it's easier than ever to create and share compelling videos.

crowdfunding video production

Crowdfunding Video

To connect with potential investors explain why you should invest in your product, service or business. People like to retell stories so if you can include a good story, people are likely to share it. It might even go viral.
crowdfunding video

Fundraising Video

Have a clearly defined call to action. Explain to the investor what they will gain and how they invest. We suggest testing your script on potential investors before beginning your crowdfunding video production.
crowdfunding video bristol

Product Video

If you want to convert viewers into investors then you need a clear message in your crowdfunding video. Investors are driven by an emotional connection with the product so it’s vital to connect in your video.

How much does a Crowdfunding Video cost?

An engaging video is vital for your Kickstarter crowdfunding project. This is where come in. We are crowdfunding experts ready to help you and guide you through the kickstarter agency cost and types of crowdfunding videos. So how much does it cost? We've simplified the process with pre-designed packages.

Basic Crowdfunding Video

4K Greenscreen (portable) Editing Royalty Free Music Stock Images Teleprompter
starting at
4 Hours Filming

Investor Crowdfunding Video

4K On-location with b-roll Greenscreen (portable) Editing Royalty Free Music Teleprompter
starting at
5 Hours Filming

Creative Crowdfunding Video

4K On-location with b-roll Editing & Music Script Writing 2D Animation Teleprompter
starting at
1 Days Filming