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South West Film is one of the leading video production companies in Plymouth, Devon. The naval port of Plymouth is home to a wide variety of video, film and TV production companies. The diverse culture of the city makes for a interesting mix of the old and new. The university runs a very reputable film and media course which has seen a number of filmmakers go on to make careers in the industry.

The surrounding Devon countryside has played home to some major movies over the years including War Horse and World War Z. In 2008, Tim Burton shot a number of scenes for his adaption of Alice in Wonderland. The History of Plymouth in Devon, England, extends back to the Bronze Age, when the first settlement began at Mount Batten a peninsula in Plymouth Sound facing onto the English Channel. Throughout the Industrial Revolution Plymouth grew as a major mercantile shipping industry, including imports and passengers from the USA, whilst Devonport grew as a naval base and ship construction town, building battleships for the Royal Navy - which later led to its partial destruction during World War II in a series of air-raids known as the Plymouth Blitz. After the war was over, the city centre was completely rebuilt to a new plan.

Video Production in Plymouth

Video Production Plymouth Video Production Plymouth
Corporate Video Production
Corporate Video Production
We create innovative and dynamic video marketing compaigns. We can design, develop and implement complete video marketing campaigns.
Advertising Agency
Advertising Agency
We provide media branding across TV, Radio, Print, Online and Video On Demand. Our adverts have appeared on Sky TV and as far as field as Japanese TV Broadcast channels.
360 Degree Video
360 Degree Video
From a single 360° panorama through to a full 4K virtual tour with active interface, we can produce an interactive 360 virtual tour that will work for you.
Live Event Filming
Live Event
Live Event Filming
Nationwide event video production company for live corporate events, conferences, live music performances and shows.
Motion graphic, CAD service and 3D animation studio that specialises in corporate animation videos and CAD design for businesses.
Video Marketing Agency
Video Marketing Agency
We offer a full broadcast and online video marketing agency for our clients.
Training Video
TV Commercial Production
360 video production
Video Production Bristol
Corporate Video Production
360 Video Production Company
Virtual Reality Company
360 Virtual Reality Video
Virtual Shopping

Advertising Agency

We aim to deliver creative corporate media that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and driving your corporate message home. Our combination of brand knowledge, filming skill, technical wizardry, and out and out talent, help us to make sure we give you a production service that you rely on again and again. If you would like information on advertising on TV then contact us and we will be happy to discuss all the aspects of broadcast advertising.

Looking to promote a cause or raise funds for your Charity?
If you''re trying to raise awareness or funds, a charity video is a powerful tool in creating a connection with the viewer, which can convince them about your cause.
A powerful video appeals to the emotional and caring nature of people. So if you're trying to raise awareness about homelessness or trying to raise funds for a new project, video is going to be vital to your success.
Charity Video
Not for Profit Video
We can help improve the calibre of potential new employees.
A recruitment video is an ideal way to promote your company's' culture and values, to candidates applying for a given position at your company. If you want to attract more applicants then a recruitment video is essential.
Job listings garner far more viewings when used with video. It is a great way to focus a recruitment campaign, attracting candidates by highlighting the rewards and opportunities that come from working at your company.
Recruitment Video
Recruitment Video
Product Videos excite your clients about your range
We work with a range of manufacturers, service providers, online, industrial and commercial companies to showcase their products.
A product video is a fantastic way of promoting your products, allowing your target audience to view it and get the showcase all its features, functions and benefits.
Product Video
Showcase Your Product
Let your customer and clients tell others how great you are
We have produced hundreds of testimonial videos for clients all over the world.
The key to a successful testimonial video is capturing a genuine and honest account from your client or customer. We always strike a balance between scripting and natural answers.
Testimonial Video
Testimonial Video
  • Looking to promote a cause or raise funds for your Charity? Not for Profit Video
  • We can help improve the calibre of potential new employees. Recruitment Video
  • Product Videos excite your clients about your range Showcase Your Product
  • Let your customer and clients tell others how great you are Testimonial Video


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5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding Video Company

Reviewer: Stephanie Jennings - March 8, 2017

South West Film Bristol.A wonderful video company. They were helpful and were great to work with making sure everything was covered and creating ideas. I would recommend them if you have any film production needs.


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