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With over a decades experience, South West Film is one of the leading video production companies in Bristol and Birmingham. As one of the UK's most recognised video production agencies, we work as a nationwide video marketing agency and advertising agency ensuring businesses promote their brand online with dynamic digital content and exciting TV commercials. Our creative team has years of experience producing corporate video productions for brands and companies. Our range of productions vary from training, crowdfunding and testimonial videos to live event filming, animation and 360 video. Our creative advertising agency team has created TV commercials which have been seen on major networks in the UK, USA and Japan. And it doesn't stop there, our diverse range of digital agency services include the latest trends such as virtual reality design and 360 degree video virtual tours. While our post production services offer video editing, CAD and motion graphic design and visual effects creation.

Exciting video content is the key to the successful promotion of your business, so it needs to be exciting and excite your viewers.
They say first impressions last forever. So it is vital that your digital content reflects your business objectives, ethoes and values.
We understand that successful advertising is about creating exciting and engaging ideas so we are always striving for new ideas.

Creative Digital Content

Search engines now consider video content when determining search rankings.
Video production companies across the UK recognise this will help you to attract new customers. We work to understand your company's brand and message. We can also update old videos to includes shots of new products, changes of staff or premises.
We plan and implement digital marketing strategies that will make your business stand out on social media.

Digital Marketing

We create eye catching promotional video productions that will make the viewer want to find out more about you.

Promotional Video

We create product videos and video advertising for some of the UK's biggest brands and manufacturers.

Product Video

Video marketing and advertising agency that works for you.

We aim to deliver creative corporate media that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and driving your corporate message home.
Our combination of brand knowledge, filming skill, technical wizardry, and out and out talent, help us to make sure we give you a production service that you rely on again and again. If you would like information on advertising on TV then contact us and we will be happy to discuss all the aspects of broadcast advertising.

Our Happy Corporate Clients

We work with major brands and companies throught the UK and around the World creating dynamic media content. We work closely with you to produce the digital content which will to drive your company forward and enable you to stand out.