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Live Event Filming and Streaming

Live Event Filming Company in Bristol and Birmingham

We are a nationwide event filming company and live streaming service which works across the UK covering live corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, live music performances and shows. So whether you are putting on a concert, fashion show or exhibition, we can supply the expertise required.
We have a number of different live event filming and streaming packages to suit all budgets.

If you're a musician with an upcoming gig, then why not film the show and turn it in to a music video or even live stream the event. It's a great way to improve your audience base and let your fans know what you're doing. You can’t beat attending a live event for that experience, capturing the energy and power. But if you can't be there, why not share it online? We can live stream your event. If you're looking to gain a wider audience for your event, our live streaming service means you can post on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform you want to broadcast your event or gig. If you're venue doesn't have the broadband speed to cope with live streaming we can arrange a temporary satellite broadband service to ensure smooth streaming. Or if you have a solid high speed 4G network then we can use this service to stream your event.

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Event Filming

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Live Music Filming

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Conference Filming

Conference Filming Prices

Whether you’re a local band or a signed artist, we can film your live event. Our production team can cover all aspects of a capturing your performance. We can offer single camera to multiple camera set ups so that we can recording your event within your budget.

Single Camera

1 Camera Days Filming Post Production
per day

2 Cameras

2 Cameras Days Filming Post Production
per day

3 Cameras

3 Cameras Days Filming Post Production
per day