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A Guide to TV Advertising

Most small business owners are hesitant about advertising on TV because of the seemingly high cost. This guide will help to clarify how much TV advertising costs and how to get started. Television advertising is priced on the slot required and the number of times you want your ad to be seen. TV channels that show popular shows will be able to charge more for their advertising spots. Prime time ad spots are in the evening and weekends when the most popular shows are airing. A 30 second slot on local ITV network during the day can be as slow as £100 and up to £5000 for specific evening prime time slots.

Television vs. Other Advertising Options

One 30-second television commercial during prime time (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) can cost 10 times more than a radio spot during drive time or a full page ad in the newspaper.

1. TV combines the power of radio and newspaper by being able to promote your product or service both with sight and sound.

2. People watching TV usually have their main focus on the screen.

3. TV ads reach a large audience:

There are also a few disadvantages, including:

1. Since it is more expensive, it is unlikely you will want to produce a new commercial when there is a special event or promotion going on. This differs from print and online ads, where you can quickly make changes to the copy and switch out your ads.

2. You can target broadly but you can’t get as specific as you could online.

3. These days, people have the ability to record and fast forward through their programs. That means that a percentage of TV viewers are missing your ad.

4. The cost of both advertising spots and producing the commercial is one of the biggest disadvantages for small business owners.

Determine the Network Based on your Target Audience

You need to know the demographics of your audience. You can then determine which station and time best targets that demographic.

When Should you Advertise?

As we discussed, some advertising spot times are going to be more expensive than others. You may be tempted to advertise during late at night to save money. However, your target audience might not watch television during that time. You may want your commercial to air during a specific show. You will pay a higher price, so this option is best if you have a very specific audience. For example, if you own a fishing supply store, you may want to advertise during Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel.

Number of Times You Should Run Your Ad

You will want to run your ad multiple times in order for your message to make an impression. By delivering two ads in 30 minutes or 3 during the course of an hour, you dramatically increase the chance of viewer noticing your ad.

How to Create a TV Ad

1. Do it yourself – The last resort.

2. Work with an advertising agency to help you with the media buy, you can also use them to help produce your commercial.A typical 30 second advert can cost from £1000 to £1000,000.

The Bottom Line

TV advertising has been around for decades and is a good way to drive sales. You can effectively advertise to consumers who will likely be interested in your products or services. If you are looking to target a niche group or a younger audience, consider advertising through different a medium.