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Successful Video Marketing

We’ve created hundreds of corporate videos for our clients and learned many lessons in that time. Here are five key tips we believe anyone should consider to help ensure a winning video marketing campaign. Make it clear to the viewer why they should watch your video. Online videos are a superb way to engage clients but the key is to provide value to the viewer. Overview video highlight the brand are much less effective than videos that provide specific content or an offer.

Keep the Message Short

Keep the video to 60-90 seconds. If you want a message to be heard it has to be delivered quickly. Statistics show video viewership drops off consistently after 60 seconds. A video that’s more than a minute long will most likely not been seen in its entirety.

The Results

The analytics gathered from viewership can be of great value to marketers. Being able to measure metrics such as views, traffic sources helps marketers understand when a video is effectively reaching its target audience. Analytics helps marketers and determine which content, offers and locations are most effective.


Lack of branding options or detailed analytics are two primary reasons not to use YouTube as the primary host. Obviously, there is a built in audience at YouTube, but do not use them to host videos that are streamed on corporate websites, landing pages or in email campaigns.

Recycle & Reuse

Producing compelling and effective online videos can be done at low-cost using existing marketing assets. Many people assume producing a video requires an onsite film crew and elaborate production. Many companies have existing assets like logos, images, photos and video footage that can be combined with creative graphics and stock images or videos. Use the marketing assets that have already been paid for to communicate your message and build your brand.