virtual reality

Both Virtual and Augmented Reality are increasingly becoming accessible to the major markets with the cost of development and the purchase of equipment now affordable to most companies. Virtual reality companies as set to be the next big thing. Thanks to Oculus Rift and other products, VR and AR are finding their place in the mainstream market place. And from virtual meetings, virtual walkthroughs and new methods of prototyping, they have the potential to take the business world by storm.

1. Experience Reality Through Virtual Reality

More and more companies realise that VR/AR are viable options for capturing information. PowerPoint presentations can now be embedded in VR. VR offers a practical way to convey information and its immersive nature caters to employees. AR can use manuals and aid installation for technicians.

2. Prototyping

Companies can use VR and AR to visualise ideas and concepts. This will give new insight into a product at the process stage. It will help manufacturers with better and more valuable feedback. Businesses will end up wasting less time and money.

3. Niche Markets

Certain niche markets are expected to benefit from VR. Nursing home patients can pretend to be at the beach. Estate agents can offer the next level of engaged marketing with virtual walkthroughs of new properties before they are built.

So the future of VR and AR is looking bright. The practical applications for these augmented realities are endless. So if you’re a business don’t ignore the possibilities. Your competitors will certainly be entertaining the idea of using virtual reality so consider how it can help you.

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