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What’s the point in being found if you don’t provide great viewing digital content when your audience watches. Here are some for video SEO and youtube. To get your videos to rank for your search terms, you need to provide great content. Group together your videos and create a resource centre where your viewers can easily search your content. Set up your channel with categories and tags so it’s easy to find. Avoid a stream of video players on a single page. A wall of embedded YouTube videos on a site, makes it difficult to find what you want. Make sure you have a separate landing page for each video so search engines can index each video individually.

Video SEO

1. Every time someone watches your video, there is an opportunity for a call to action. In-video links, quizzes, surveys, and forms enable you to drive action. If you create a how-to video for your app, use in-video interactivity to link your viewer directly to the point in your app.

2. Populate tags in the HTML code of your video landing pages, specifically Facebook’s OpenGraph tags,’s microdata tags.

3. Transcriptions can have a major impact on your rankings. Add video transcriptions directly to the HTML of each of the pages where your videos are hosted. Transcriptions give your viewers the option to “read” a video if they can’t listen at the time, while providing the keyword richness a search engine needs.

4. To get more SEO value from your videos then host them on your own domain. YouTube and Vimeo are fine, but you must host your videos on your own site.

5. You need to have a properly configured video sitemap. Every entry in your video sitemap must include a link to a landing page for a video.

6. YouTube is a good place to get your videos discovered by people. Create shorter video previews for your content and use YouTube’s annotations to place CTA that drive viewers back to your site.

7. Always let others use your content. By allowing others to embed your videos on their site, you’re increasing the potential for more inbound links.

8. Finally, always consider the end game. Don’t forget to use a tracking system.

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