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The Rise of Video Companies

Any business that does not have promotional content on its website or lacks a presence in social networks is considered to be behind these days. According to research, 92% of all large companies in the world use videos as a means of promotion, marketing or customer service. Most of them are beginning to accept how videos and the Internet have grown within their reach and dominate as a medium today. Newspapers, radio and television have become obsolete in the field of marketing and are no longer an effective means for companies to reach their customers.

Video production companies are living their dream and meeting the creative needs of everyone from small businesses to large corporations. The videos have grown in scope and are smaller in length. Video production companies have traveled in a long and successful way so far and have much to conquer even more. This is the reason.

Video production companies used to be big business a few years ago when nothing was digitized. Film production needed bulky rolls, huge production equipment, great crew, and high-end editing tools that almost cost crazy amounts. However, today, even a handheld mobile device can record high definition videos. Digital videos are smaller to store and cloud computing makes storing GB and TB data easy. With advanced graphics and animation, it is now possible to express impossible ideas on the screen and 3D technology has made the videos incredibly interactive.

With the Internet, the world has transformed into a global village and everyone is connected to each other. Commercial organizations can not find a larger and more connected audience elsewhere, and that's the reason why online marketing is everyone's favorite today. Research says that 85% of people who watch videos on the Internet about a product or service are more likely to buy that product or subscribe to that service. The videos create an instantaneous relationship between the consumer and the product that is ascribed to their compact and effective narrative. More than 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and more than 3 billion hours of video are viewed each month on YouTube. With everyone so closely connected to social networks as Facebook and Twitter, the phrase 'word of mouth' has a new definition. With sharing options available, everyone shares everything that is interesting. The innovative and creative short videos of video production companies gain wider acceptance in a matter of hours and become viral. Here, the word is transmitted from one person to hundreds and thousands of people almost instantly. The Internet is a broad, free and well connected medium and, at present, is the best for companies to market their products and video production companies show their creativity.

With the advancement in the world of electronics, everything becomes compact and cheap. People have moved from large television screens to portable devices with a transparent screen. This technological breakthrough is the reason why companies no longer look for large production houses with outdated ideas for their creative needs. They are turning more towards new video production companies that come with unconventional ideas that can connect with people. In addition, production equipment is cheaper and editing tools are available at incredible prices. These producers produce quality corporate videos for a lower price. The Internet is a free medium and business organizations no longer need to invest millions to buy space in the media. Therefore, there is a win-win situation created for both, when the videos become viral in the background.

The videos have revolutionized the world of information and the internet drastically in a very short time. Video production companies understand this trend and aim to produce creative videos of short duration, but highly effective. With marketing campaigns that span more than ever before, and the technology that makes video production more streamlined, video production companies definitely have a long way to go!