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    Welcome, we are a corporate video production company and digital design agency

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  • Digital Marketing

    We create and design, dynamic video marketing campaigns to help your business grow.

    Video Marketing
  • Virtual Reality

    We create amazing 360 virtual tours for buildings, commercial properties and venues.

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As a creative video marketing agency, we design, develop and implement complete video marketing campaigns for companies. Whether you want to bolster your approach to social media or create your online video marketing strategy from scratch, we can help. Video marketing can boost online sales and help get your message across. We create high-quality video marketing campaigns that fit your budget. Our videos are made to suit your company's needs.

South West Film is a different kind of video marketing agency. We are a digital marketing agency, we understand what works on the web and how to reach the audiences that you want. We develop video content that will target the demographics that matter to your company. Using the broadcast production and animation software, we take your brief from storyboard to the final cut. Filming, editing and post production creates a impactful video marketing campaign suited to your audience.

Corporate Video

We produce inspiring digital content and deliver powerful corporate video campaigns. Our experienced creative team takes marketing briefs and builds engaging and impactful digital content that delivers your business goals.

Promotional Video Production

We offer a range and styles of corporate, promotional and marketing videos.
Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Corporate video production Birmingham

Corporate Video

Video Marketing Agency Bristol

Training Video

A successful video encompasses so many different elements, fromphoto stills with voiceover to a full-blown film production. Done effectively, video can be the best way to get a message across, powerfully, engagingly and succinctly.


We take care of everything; the ideas, the creative, production, camera work, editing, sound, audio and animation. We've filmed most everything from adverts, corporate promotional videos, product videos, interviews and trade shows.


We produce a variety of marketing campaigns from corporate branding awareness, public information films for Local Authorities, Government and Large Corporates to health and safety, client testimonial and overview marketing videos.