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We appreciate that your training video production should explain vital information in an easy to understand and visually dynamic way. We have all had to sit through a dull training film at some point in our job careers! The message can easily be forgotten if not presented in a way that engages the viewer and is easy to understand. As an experienced training video company, we can attract and hold people’s attention and can teach us more than a training manual. We produce a range of training films to suit your business needs from Health and Safety, Staff training and recruitment videos so we can ensure your staff remain up to date with all the latest regulations and skills.

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Ask what sorts of issues are best explained through video. Short videos are extremelly good for demonstrating actions or behaviours that are difficult to describe in words. Using staged scenarios to explain something, introducing a new product or processes is fast and cheap method. Using experienced actors to play out a scene makes it simpler for people to understand and elicit debate with the audience.


We ensure your training messages are delivered to your employees in a clear and concise manner that leaves a lasting message with the viewer.

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We provide all types of training films from staff induction, training DVDs, health and safety demonstrations and product installation guides.


We have produced training videos for businesses large and small from Saudia, DNA Worldwide to local government such as Somerset CC.

What are the benefits of a training video?

If your team are learning a new skill, like installing a new piece of equipment, a video would be ideal. If your team are learning a new skill, like installing a new piece of equipment, a video would be ideal. An explainer video is a short marketing video that showcases the services and products of a company. Today, companies use explainer videos as a major element of their internal communication and use them for training purposes. Both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns can use an explainer video to help them with a specific promotion. While an animated video explainer has become very popular on Youtube. Most people have viewed one of these videos as an audience somewhere or the other.

The Rise of Video Companies