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We are a leading creative corporate video company that works with major brands across the UK. We produce impactful corporate videos and branded videos for every type of client, business and industry from training videos to viral adverts. Every promotional video we create is targeted towards getting the best marketing results. We focus on generating the right traffic and obtaining the best returns. We produce media content that showcases your business and informs customers about you. We’ll begin by asking what message you want to tell and what you want to show. We’ll incorporate you own ideas and make suggestions to enhance your ideas. We’ll develop those ideas into a complete concept and produce the video that you want clients to view. We’ll ensure the message is precisely what you want. We’ll communicate with you at every stage to make sure that your promotional video is right on track. The final video will clearly define your brand or business. If you'd like to find out if our corporate film services are right for your marketing needs then contact us today.

corporate video production

Corporate Video

corporate video production company

Promotional Video

corporate video company

Digital Marketing

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

We live in a completely new time. The rise of the internet and all that it has brought with it has concreted the necessity of high quality digital content for small and large businesses alike. Everything is online today and businesses must adapt in order to remain relevant. Among the top ways to ensure your relevance and positive impact on your potential clientele is to invest in corporate video production. Corporate videos are essential and come with a range of benefits to your company no matter its size.

Brand Awareness

What is unique about corporate video production is that it produces a strong brand awareness by allowing the viewer to become more invested in the story driving them to your product.

Increased SEO Rankings

Google and other search engines love videos. Companies that produce corporate videos show up more frequently on searches. You'll get more impressions and more click throughs.

More Shares

People love sharing things, and among the most shared items are corporate videos. A video is 7 times more likely to get shared than a simple post and up to 75% more traffic to their site.

Convert Clients

Certain customers can remain on the fence about using your company, but when presented with a corporate video to view, they tend to jump to your side of the fence.

High ROI

It takes money to make money and nowhere is that more true than with corporate videos. However, investing in corporate video production produces an excellent return on investment.

Call to Action

It is difficult to provide a strong call to action, but with corporate video production, the call to action is remarkably strong as the visual representation speaks more effectively to the human spirit.

Corporate Video Company that works for you

A corporate video is any form of non-advertisement based video made for a business, company, brand, or organization. Nearly all of this video content is used online and is normally embedded in the company’s website and through social media or video channels. It targets the company’s main services and products. A corporate video can take many forms including business videos, staff training and safety videos, promotional films, product videos and customer testimonial videos. Companies may even release a new video with press release announcements, social media newsletters to bolster the effectiveness.

Video Production Agency

Promotional Video Content

We produce inspiring digital content and deliver powerful corporate video campaigns. Our experienced creative team takes marketing briefs and builds engaging and impactful digital content that delivers your business goals.

Training Video

We produce informative training videos for your staff, public information videos for local authorities, government and large corporates.

Health & Safety

Health and safety videos that can stop trouble before it starts. Interactive DVD Production which engage your audience to make them understand.

Testimonial Video

Client testimonials that deliver quicker decisions based on greater buyer confidence. Conference presentations which deliver the speech of a lifetime.

Product Video

A dynamic and impactful product video will promote your range of goods and products to the next level.

Crowdfunding Video

Looking to promote your crowdfunding campaign then video content can help achieve success

Charity Video

Is your charity looking to raise funds, then a digital content can open up new doors and avenues of funding.

The World of Corporate Video

What’s happening in the world of corporate video production. We’re always investigating the latest trends to offer to our customers so here are a few things to look out for. Video production has seen a lot of changes over the years. From growth of virtual reality and 4K video to aerial drone video, video technology has reached a completely new level. As recent survey suggested that including a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rates by 80%. 64% of users purchase a product online after watching the video. A Youtube reports shows that mobile video consumption has risen by 100% every year, which is why it is vital for video makers to stay up to date with the trends in video production.

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