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We are a creative animation company in Bristol that specialises in explainer animation videos for companies. We are one of the leading 2D animation studios in the UK. Since 2010, we have been creating amazing CAD, motion graphics, whiteboard animations, infographics, explainer videos and 3D animations for wide range of industries and sectors, bringing their ideas to life. Animated video has become one of the most popular styles of video. Animation is far more descriptive than a typical live action video. You control and dictate the look and feel of your video including the scenes, characters, branding colours, transitions, and more. Finding the right actor or shoot locations is eliminated. And you can refine an animated video as much as you like.

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3D Animation

Explainer animations that engage the audience

We offer a range and styles of corporate animation, whiteboard, infographics and motion graphic videos. An explainer animation goes where basic words and even live action video can’t. Motion graphic animation videos communicate with customers on a different level so that your messages are memorable and exciting. Research suggests that people digest more information, so your message stays with them longer.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the very best value in the market for our animations. Our prices are competitive but the quality of our work is greater than our competition and we never compromise.

Fast Turnaround

Before we start, we provide a specific date for the delivery of each stage of your video. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to plan around our work.

Complete Service

We’ll continue to make changes at each stage of your video until you’re 100% happy. This means you’ll get the video you want at the end of the process.

Animation Studio

Using digital animation and motion graphics, our artists use a combination of skills in creative design, infographics and art flare to create animations that see your company and your brand brought to life in a whole new way. We design stunning 2D and 3D animated films for any platform from internet streaming video to immersive VR and 3D animation. We use the latest software techniques to create work that brings to life what you are trying to convey. We are passionate about every last detail and this is demonstrated in our work.

What is an Explainer Animation?

We all love compelling stories that capture our emotions. The characters in these stories have complex arcs that can relate to us in our daily lives. 2D animation videos make the audience associate with the characters and their message. Brand messaging can be delivered with precision and impact through 2D animation and explainer videos to the audience. The characters in 2D animation videos and explainer animation videos display the intrinsic human value of your service. 2D animation videos express the brand purpose to the client through moving objects and figure. This has the ability to capture the attention and increase the…

2D explainer animation