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We are an aerial drone filming company based in the Bristol and Exeter. We have invested in the best quality aerial platform and camera gimbal system. Through the use of FPV (first person view) technology, we can also stream live footage from the aerial platform to the ground, enabling us and clients to see what the camera sees and also adjust the pan and tilt direction of the cameras to keep the subject perfectly in shot. Our aerial drone service includes filming for corporate video productions, capturing imagery for local PR agencies, real estate, drone property inspections and we are happy to tackle any type or size of project. We are certified and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority for commercial operations. All our drone pilots have a commercial drone certification and all the necessary exams to drones up to 7 Kg. We are allowed to fly up to 400 ft which allows us to shoot stunning aerial images and video footage. Our aerial drone service provides cost effective aerial photography and video for companies on a smaller budger.

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Aerial Surveys

With a drone report, it's a great option for contractors to maintain a health check on construction progress without the need to make site visits. You will also have archive material should you need it in the future.
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Property Inspections

We provide a cost inexpensive drone property inspection service. We capture imagery by flying at a close enough distance allowing us to get HD close up shots in video or capture high resolution photographs.
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Property Marketing​​​​​​​

All our aerial footage is recorded in stunning 4K to capture the highest possible quality. We use both DJI drones, which produces stunning results, shooting 4k video, slow motion and capturing 21Mp stills.

High Definition Aerial Photography

As an aerial drone filming company we have full insurance and public liability. Sometimes special permissions may need to be granted by the CAA and we can handle the applications process. Before any shoot, we will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft. It may be necessary to obtain special permissions (such as when shooting in Central London or other restricted airspace)

Option 1

4K Footage
Raw Footage
Up to 45 minutes filming

Option 2

4K Footage
Colour Graded
Up to 1 hour filming

Option 3

4K Footage
Colour Graded
Up to 2 hours filming

Aerial Drone surveying for your business

Do you need a large area of land or a building photographed from the air? With GPS positioning and altitude control, we can take the shots or video you need. Is the area inaccessible for surveying like roofs, towers and platforms? Aerial Drone filming is the solution for you. Building Surveying, Land Surveying, Field Survey, Aerial survey for Archaeology, Farm drones, Aerial survey in Agriculture, Property development, we can do it all.

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