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Customised Freeform Tray

Distributed worldwide, the award winning FreeForm® tray is a revolutionary product which transforms instantly from an elegant place setting to a versatile tray, simply by picking it up and putting it down.


    Want to change the colour? - just flip it over!
    Storage space a problem? - FreeForm® trays store totally flat!

These trays are not only functional, but they are also styled in a range of fantastic colours, prints and textures, including non-slip and Mock Croc as well as the striking FreeForm® Gallery collection featuring iconic scenes and abstract designs.

[Promotional Gift Awards winner 2015] Our latest and most dynamic FreeForm® design to date was launched in 2015, and features a seamless fusion of high quality bamboo and heat-resistant silicone.  This collection comprises our original FreeForm® tray, as well as the new Hot Plate and the Prep and Serve tray.

In March 2015, FreeForm® won an international award at the HAPTICA® live trade fair in Cologne.  Further details are at the end of this page.



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