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Suez AQL 500 Ice Pigging

The AQL500 is a factory ready Ice Pigging machine which can be used for line cleaning and improved product recovery on process lines, even those deemed as un-piggable.

It produces a two-phase ice slurry using a mixture of potable water and a selected additive as a freezing point depressant. The machine operates on a continuous basis and is capable of delivering “always-ready” conditioned ice for the purpose of Ice Pigging of liquid products and foodstuffs.

The installation of the AQL500 is a simple process and involves the unit being moved into postion and connecting to the main pipes and Factory control unit.

The AQL 500 works by pumping ice to the injection point at the bottom of the mixing tank. The injection valve would then open and the Ice Pig pumped into the line, displacing product at the other end. Once the correct volume of ice has been inserted the Ice Pig is pushed through the pipe.

At the outlet, there is either a storage tank or filling line. One allows the product to pass through into the filling line. The other will divert the mixed product and ice to drain. After this process the line will be cleaner than any of the other recovery processes can achieve.

Ice pigging has numerous benefits compared to traditional water based systems. The Ice Pig can push product out of a pipeline with reduced mixing, increasing product recovery, when compared to water. Water push may only recover 40% of product, where as ice Pigging can recover up to 90% of the product.

More importantly the Ice Pig can clean the pipe wall far more efficiently than water. This saves on the cost of the water and reduces the amount of waste produced

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