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Air Seal Tyre Sealant

Air-Seal Products offer a unique range of tyre sealants that are able to treat machinery and vehicles for both on and off road environments. The company was established in 2000 as a privately owned family business. Located in Somerset it is represented at several major trade shows in the U.K. and around the world each year.

This website provides considerable detail on the range of our pre-puncture tyre sealants which provide immediate protection to the tread area from punctures up to 30mm (1¼ inches). Our tyre sealants have been successfully used in many types of vehicle; for example, tyres for quarrying plant right down to the essential wheelbarrow.

No other tyre sealant on the market can match our performance.

Air-Seal Products Ltd,has been granted continuous sole supplier status for the Royal Mail Group. Following a very successful first three years of the contract dating back to August 2010, Air-Seal Products will continue to be installed throughout the 48,000 vehicle fleet.



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