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South West Film is an established film and TV production company creating a broad range of content for broadcast on all the major TV networks. From documentary to independent films, we deliver, delight and entertain. Working with filmmakers across the south west, we seek to excite, engage and astonish. We have produced programme content for Sky TV, ITV and Channel 4. We have over 20 years experience in supplying production crew for film and TV projects. As an independent feature film company, we have been involved in the production of indie feature films and we are currently developing a number of feature film projects for both cinema and online digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

Film Production Services


If you're looking to film a feature of television series, our expert team of production crew can help you.

Location Scouting

Looking for a location? We offer a scouting service where we can source and photograph potential locations.


Do you need expert post production work? We have skilled editors, VFX artists and sound engineers.

Features Films to TV Shows

We have worked on a variety of independent feature films, TV shows and short films over the last 20 years winning awards for production and post production work. We are always on the look out for exciting and fresh new scripts and ideas. So if you have a script that is innovative and sits in the indie film market then get in touch with us and we perhaps looks at funding and producing the feature film, TV show or web series.

Video Production