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South West Film is an expert in food, building and product photography. We work across the entire country with clients in Bristol, Somerset, Exeter, Plymouth, Manchester, London and Birmingham. We approach each job individually to ensure that our commercial clients experience our personalized service. We can travel to your location to photograph a wide range of subjects, or if you prefer smaller subjects can be sent to us.

Ways of doing business are continually changing. As a commercial and product photographer, we're often asked to find new and interesting ways to portray a company's brand, services, products and activities for a range of uses such as: company websites, corporate brochures, annual reports, business plans, sales and marketing material and PR.

We work on location, providing commercial photography for corporate and small business clients. We have an extraordinary ability to transform everyday objects or scenes in industrial and manufacturing environments into stunning images with raw beauty. We produce innovate and relevant industrial photography that bring processes and environments to life, however challenging the subject matter.

If you are looking for a professional commercial photographer to shoot a portrait, product, editorial feature, event, or would like to discuss broader projects, call us today.

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Our Client Testimonial

5 out of 5 stars

Video Production Company

Reviewer: Shana Krug - Februrary 12, 2017

South West Film Bristol.As part of our 10th anniversary of the launch of our company we decided to advertise on TV for the first time. South West Film took care of all the various aspects of producing a TV commercials and the legal details that were new to us. The advert has been a huge success and a fitting way to celebrate of milestone.