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When creating a video marketing strategy, many businesses believe that saving money will still give them the same results. They might choose not to promote their products in all areas, or they might even ask themselves if video marketing is really worth it? Does online video content really offer them the same results as text with text being more affordable and easier to produce?

If you are asking yourself these same questions, you should know that video marketing is more effective than text marketing and it offers a better return on your investment. Does it cost more to produce video content? Yes, but it also offers more benefits than text marketing and we are going to share some of them with you so you can decide if video marketing is really worth it for your business.

1. Video Content Increases Conversions and Sales

Adding video content to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Video content can also increase sales as 74% of viewers who watched an explainer video, bought the product featured.

2. Video Content Offers Better ROI

Many business owners say that when they use video content to sell a product or service, the ROI is often much higher than using text content alone. Images increase engagement so it would make sense that moving images can increase engagement even more and result in more sales.

3. Video Content Builds Trust

Customers say the main reason they purchased a particular product was the video content that explained the product and even featured the actual product

being used. This is because they can trust someone that is actually using the product over an image of the product or text content describing the product and how to use it. Video content also puts a face and a person with the product or company and that builds trust immediately for most customers.

4. Google Favours Video Content

When trying to reach the first page in the search engines, digital marketers work hard and their efforts sometimes don’t pay off. Using video content can increase your chances of reaching the first page by 53 times. Plus, since Google owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase on how much videos affect your search engine rank.

5. Video Engages Buyers

Video marketing can engage a much larger audience than text content and it can sell your products to even the laziest of shoppers. Many online users watch video content over reading text because it is easier and, on some social media platforms including Facebook, the video content can autoplay making it even easier for businesses to reach their audience. People want to see products in action and this is one of the most important driving forces of video advertising.