Video is a powerful marketing tool but as people become impatient, the old practices are no longer working. Our world is visual-centric so video is a critical piece. Explainer videos work incredibly well as a marketing tool because they explain what your business does and why customers need you. Companies of all sizes use explainer videos. first you must find an animation company. An infographic video is perfect as it has style and provides a lot of information in a visually stimulating way. What should you consider when creating an infographic video?


Keep it simple, so that the audience can digest the information easily. Keep it straight-forward, and sentence lengths short. Keep a good balance between imagery, icons, text, voiceover, and music. All these techniques need to be considered in the script so that the final result is effective.


Now consider the style you think is most appropriate. Maybe a cartoonish feel will engage with a younger demographic or express the fun side of your company. Or something more polished, with darker colours and bold font.


The pacing is vital to engagement; too slow and your audience will be bored, too fast and you may confuse them. The pace of the video should be fairly consistent throughout


A lot of text on a screen can overwhelm viewers. If text flows on and off the screen, the movement can make it difficult to read. Leave it on too long and you may lose the fast viewers.

Voiceovers inject personality into a video, and provide a way to help make it more relatable. Not all infographic videos require a voiceover, but it’s definitely worth considering.


You don’t have to create your own song or pay royalties to musicians. There are some sites that allow you to purchase music for a minimal cost.

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