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For charities, video campaigns help them reach the core of their cause. By creating stories, charity videos engage viewers and even go viral. Here are some of the key audiences nonprofits need to target. Charities are in a competitive environment. It can be good to set targets to reach new audiences by creating video content. Not-for-profit service users Charities need to show how their services help. Ultimately this demonstrates why they are needed and why you should support them.

Video content can help raise awareness for your cause and here are just a few reasons why.

Attention Grabbing

It has become increasingly apparent that the human attention span is becoming shorter. These days, people are much more focused on entertainment rather than helping others. A non-profit organization and other charitable avenues can use this aspect to their advantage through video content. By posting a video about your organization, you engage the person much more readily than by offering them a written piece containing the same information. Videos enable the person to maintain a visual of what the organization or charity is about and with the current state of the average person’s attention span, a video is much more accepted than other forms of marketing. Properly made video content gets your potential donors excited about your organization.

More Than Just a Pamphlet

Average marketing tactics for a non-profit often include volunteers handing out pamphlets and written information about the organization and what they stand for. Where these marketing tactics certainly have had their place in society at one time, they are not longer largely effective. If you take a group to hand out pamphlets and information in written form, most of those pieces of marketing materials will end up discarded in the bin, ground, or sitting on the floor of someone’s car to be discarded later. It is difficult to grab the attention of potential donors in this manner because people today are so focused on digital means. If you notice, even in the midst of handing out paper materials, many people are focused on their phones. Video content hits them digitally rather than physically making more of a modern focused impact on the individual.

Available Anywhere

Standard marketing tactics are only available if the person chooses to look at it. Generally, the piece will be given a glance, but little else. However, in today’s world, digital technology is everywhere. Wi-Fi hot spots and individual data plans enable potential donors to be able to access your video content from anywhere. When they are sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment, on the train headed to work, or even taking time before watching the big game, they can see what your video. Video content makes it more convenient for potential donors to take notice of your organization no matter how small or large it may be.

Reach Out Further

Relying on donations from long standing donors is great. Many donors maintain their donations for their entire lives fueling your organization throughout the year, but simply relying on these notable donations is not enough. The costs of running an organization will continue to go up and if you do not reach new donors on their terms, your organization will soon find itself far behind the times due to older donors passing on or moving their funds to up and coming organizations. Video content can do a lot for your non-profit organization and charity by reaching out to new donors. Videos simply reach more people than any other form of content. It gets them excited and allows you to gain new notable and long term donors while still maintaining your older ones. Video content is among the best ways to raise awareness for your organization and maintain a focus for it in the public eye.

Competition is Strong

No matter what size charity or non-profit organization you run, competition is fierce. Where there is an endless stream of donors, all organizations are vying for their donations. An organization that simply relies on their old marketing tactics will quickly find that another, more digitally focused organization can take potential donations. Even though you are working for a charity, it does not mean competition is not fierce. Video content allows your charity or non-profit to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive world. Your charity or non-profit organization is important to you and relying on donations from the general public mean you have to keep up with what the public desires. Right now, digital advertising through video content is where it is at. Embrace the ability to impact more potential donors and keep your organization’s name in the public eye. Video content is king and it is time to embrace this amazing marketing tool for yourself and the benefit of your non-profit organization or charity.