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Let's look at what’s happening in the world of corporate video. We’re always investigating the latest trends to offer to our customers so here are a few things to look out for. Video production has seen a lot of changes over the years. From growth of virtual reality and 4K video to aerial drone video, video technology has reached a completely new level. As recent survey suggested that including a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rates by 80%. 64% of users purchase a product online after watching the video. A Youtube reports shows that mobile video consumption has risen by 100% every year, which is why it is vital for video makers to stay up to date with the trends in video production.

4K video

New cameras and TVs are now starting to use 4K capabilities. Video streaming sites are now giving users the option to upload 4K footage. Once it is the norm then companies will expect videos to be shot in this format. As well as looking awesome, 4K video is helpful for video makers as they can zoom in on footage without a decrease in resolution. If you need to correct framing or appear that an interview has been shot with two or three cameras, then shooting in 4K can help.

Affordable equipment

High-end kit such as drones and 360-degree cameras used to cost thousands. However, more affordable versions for the consumer market have helped decrease these prices.

In-house videographers

Affordable technology has meant brands can have their own in-house video team. This means that video production companies have to provide content they cannot produce themselves.

Video Streaming

Streaming is already very popular and sites are using streaming options on their sites. Facebook or Twitter streaming is a great idea and works well.


Recently whiteboard animation has become very popular. The reason is that whiteboard animation is simple and easy to showcase what you’ve got. Many companies also use slideshows as corporate videos. This is a great option if you’ve got images to show to clients.


Video has changed the way we educate and learn. You can study almost anything at home. It has opened a new world of faster learning and education.

Trend you should follow to get most out of your video marketing are:

  • Distributing Videos Across Social Media
  • Streaming Video Live and Producing Video Events
  • Developing Explainer and How-To Outreach Videos
  • Promoting “Viral” and Risky Content
  • Condensing Videos Into Smaller Packages
  • Producing Professional, Distinctive Videos