For charities, video campaigns help them reach the core of their cause. By creating stories, charity videos engage viewers and even go viral. Here are some of the key audiences nonprofits need to target. Charities are in a competitive environment. It can be good to set targets to reach new audiences by creating video content. Not-for-profit service users Charities need to show how their services help. Ultimately this demonstrates why they are needed and why you should support them.

Employee engagement

If charities engage workplaces, they can raise money for their cause.

Public service information

When you have a public service message, it’s hard to attract attention. A campaign from St John’s Ambulance suggested that 40% of people had witnessed their child choking but only 21% knew what to do in this situation. The charity knew they needed to reach under 40s. The video comes from the animated toys which children would be likely to choke on with a voice-over from celebrities.


When fund-raising, charities must make connections with potential donors. It’s about mobilising people to get involved.

A call to take action

In addition to financial donations, nonprofits need volunteers to help with campaigning. Whichever stakeholder you need to connect with, always ensure that your video is targeted at them. If you'd like to find out how a charity video could help then please contact us.