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When you watch your first 360 video, it opens up a new user experience, the same feeling you got when got your first smartphone. And 360 video isn’t a let down. Big brands are using this new technology to tell compelling stories that are exciting and fully immersive.

1. Thomson Holidays & Iceland’s northern lights

Travel operator Thomson Holidays captures the changing the light and movement of Iceland’s northern lights. You can view different parts of the sky. An amazing experience.

2. Oreo explores the inspiration behind Filled Cupcake Flavored Oreo Cookies

Oreo creates a behind-the-scenes ‘tour’ of the inspiration behind its new cookie flavour. This fun360 video shows that an Oreo cookie is everything you wished it would be.

3. Samsung on a snowboarding adventure

Samsung posted a snowboarding video that puts viewers into the action. Filmed with professional snowboarders in Laax, it’s hard not to keep watching this video again and again. Each time, you get a new angle and a different part of the scenery.

4. BMW UK experience the drive

BMW’s 360 video takes you inside a race car for a thrilling ride at a speed.

5. Expedia explore Australia

Expedia’s video taps into the beautiful landscapes of Australia. With the 360 camera you can get different perspectives on mountaintops, deserts, and ocean dives.

6. Warner Bros inside a haunted house

When the 360 video begins, you enter a virtual house with creepy music and terrifiying sounds in the background. It will scare the hell out of you.

7. George at Asda Easter egg-filled tour

George at Asda, ran a contest using 360 video. In the contest, Asda hid pieces “Easter eggs” for the audience to find in a series of videos. The first person to find them all won a voucher to the store.

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