360 virtual tour

360 video production technology is advancing at a rapid rate and it is influencing a wide range of industries. One industry that stands to benefit the most from 360-degree video technology is the real estate industry. Agents are able to use 360 video as an effective selling tool that can make buying and selling a home easier and much more efficient than ever. Let’s take a look at how this video technology is changing the real estate industry.

Saves Real Estate Agents Time

Being able to offer prospective buyers a virtual walk through of a home can save a real estate agent from making the drive to the home and showing it in person. If the client is interested, they can then set up an appointment to see it with the agent.

Give Clients a Preview of the Home

Sometimes, buyers just want to take a quick look at a home and the images in the online ad aren’t enough. 360-degree video lets them see the home in a new way and they can see certain aspects of the home that aren’t readily visible in a still image.

More Detailed than normal pictures

Still images show the home in a rather one-dimensional way. 360-degree video gives the buyer the feeling of standing in the middle of the living room and looking around. They can see the flow of the home without ever having to leave their own home.

Less Stress on Homeowners

When selling their home, homeowners have to keep it nearly perfect for weeks, even months, on end. This can be stressful and time consuming. A 360-degree video is taken when the home is show-ready and that is the view prospective buyers will see.

Useful for International Buyers

International buyers and buyers too far away to make the drive to see a home they might be interested in can use 360-degree video to view the home and get a good impression of it without making the drive. They can also refer back to the video for more information when needed without having to schedule another live showing.

360-degree video is changing the real estate industry making it easier on both buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents.